Google Chrome is probably the most favorite browser of users around the globe. it’s not hard to check anyone who has not installed the Chrome browser and could be a regular user of the software. whether or not it on android platform, Mac or PC, Google has claimed its territory during a very spectacular manner, and it’s hard to shake Chrome from its prime spot.

“Never Slow Mode” to Boost Browsing Experience

However, if you a Chrome user you’ll agree that the browser sometimes falls prey to slow page loading and alternative technical problems that affect the browsing experience for the users. to fix these problems, Google is working on a “never-slow mode” for Chrome that may cut down technical elements on a web-page to facilitate quicker browsing speed for the users.

As per the most recent update on this new feature, the “never slow mode” won’t reduce the Chrome memory storage however can only diminish the sluggish elements on a web page to enhance the loading times and better the browsing experience.

The demo code for the “never slow mode” on Chrome is currently present on Chrome’s open-source project chromium that revealed that the elements which might be cut down during a webpage would include fonts, stylesheets, scripts, images, and long script tasks.

A new commit in the Chromium Gerrit unveils the “Never Slow Mode.”

If you’re even a touch bit into programming languages, then you’d understand that the code will risk breaking some of the web pages which is what Google has also warned about in its chromium build.

a part of the snippet of code spotted on chromium reads, “Enables an experimental browsing mode that restricts resource loading and runtime processing to deliver a systematically fast experience.

As of this writing, Google remains on the task of working towards the completion of this new mode. though it’s worth noting that this can be not the first time we’ll be going to see an add-on over Chrome which can help boost the browsing speed.

On Chrome web store, there are already lots of extensions that help the users in rising their browsing speeds by block ads, conserving bandwidth and additional ways, however, the development of an integrated mode on Chrome can do a way better job in improving the web page loading speed on the browser.

For example, after adding the feature, Google will only allow scripts that take less than 200 milliseconds to end. There are several variables that come into play:

  • Per-image max size: 1MiB
  • Total image budget: 2MiB
  • Per-stylesheet max size: 100KiB
  • Total stylesheet budget: 200KiB
  • Per-script max size: 50KiB
  • Total script budget: 500KiB
  • Per-font max size: 100KiB
  • Total font budget: 100KiB
  • Total connection limit: 10
  • Long-task limit: 200ms

Chrome Also to Improve Security

Besides introducing this feature to boost the browsing speeds, Chrome is additionally working on an integration which is able to make the browser more secure. The new feature can flash warning for similar looking URLs that are malicious.

it’s typically the case that users click on similar looking websites, that are phishing pages designed to steal passwords and crucial info. The new integration can help Chrome in combating these sites with malicious intent.

Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash


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