Presets are one in all Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s most powerful features; with them, you’ll be able to use the same settings over and over again. the most common presets are Develop presets that consistently apply a similar edit to any image.

As well as Develop presets, Lightroom has preset for most of its features. as an example, there are information presets, Import presets, Export presets, Keyword sets, Slideshow presets, Watermarks, and more.

While you can build your own presets, there are a thriving community and marketplace of presets made by other people. Let’s explore the way to install them in Adobe Lightroom.

Why Use Presets

The big benefits of presets are that they’re consistent and quick. If you always build the same few adjustments to an image, a preset permit you to apply all of them with one click. this can be great for skilled photographers who have to process hundreds or thousands of pictures.


Also, if you’re simply beginning and you’re not entirely familiar with all of Lightroom’s editing tools, presets offer the way to give your image a unique look whereas you learn to try to things for yourself. It’s a mistake to rely on Develop presets completely, however you’ll be able to think about them as super-charged Instagram filters.

Finally, some of the other preset make Lightroom’s lesser-known features more powerful. for instance, there are presets that permit you to export time-lapses directly from Lightroom.

How to find Presets

While you’ll be able to create your own presets, it’s a lot of easier to use ones created by other people. lots of successful, well-known photographers like Trey Ratcliff and Jared Polin sell—or provide for free—their own presets. If there are some photographers whose work you like, it’s worth checking their website to check if they sell any.

You can also find thousands of presets on marketplaces like GraphicRiver. If there’s a specific look or feel you would like, there’s a good chance somebody sells it there.

How To Add Develop Presets to Lightroom Classic CC

Since Lightroom 7.5, Adobe has modified however Lightroom handles presets. Now, Develop presets, at least, are simpler than ever to add. Open Lightroom and head to the Develop Module.

In the Presets section of the left sidebar, click the + icon and then select “Import Presets.”

Navigate to the presets you want to import. For this example, I’m using Trey Ratcliff’s free presets.

Click “Import” and also the presets will be added to the sidebar below the “User Presets” section, prepared for you to use.

How To Add different Presets to Lightroom Classic CC

To add different presets, the method could be a very little difference. I’m demonstrating this with Sean McCormack’s Lightroom time-lapse template.

  • Open Lightroom. On Windows, head to Edit > Preferences. On a Mac, head to Lightroom > Preferences.
  • Select the “Presets” tab then, below Location, choose “Show All other Lightroom Presets.”
  • Navigate to the right folder for the preset you would like to add. as an example, since I’m adding a slideshow template, I would like to open the Slideshow Templates folder.
  • Drag and drop the preset into the User Templates folder.
  • Quit and restart Lightroom, and also the preset will be there ready for you to use.

Presets are one among Lightroom’s best features. currently, you know a way to install any presets you want.


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