With Windows, you can always customize the look and feel of your system. For example, you can display your favorite names in the Windows taskbar next to the digital time clock – just for that! Let’s see how to go about it.

Display Name in Taskbar

This Tip especially liked the Youngsters. This interesting typing will allow you to customize the characters that appear after the time in the Taskbar. Enter your name if you wish!

Method 1: Customize Time Format

Step 1: Open the Control panel.

Step 2: Click the Clock, Language, and Region Section.

Step 3: In the Region Section Click the Additional Settings option.

Step 4: Tap Time Section and Edit the AM/PM values with your Name.

Make sure that the format you are using has “tt” in it.
That is: Time Format = hh:mm:ss tt

Step 5: Click Ok button and Save the changes. That’s it!.

If you do not like making changes, Reverse your changes and reset button to restore it to your own settings.

Method 2: Using Toolbar Method

Step 1: Right Click on the Taskbar and choose Toolbars and then NEW Toolbar.

Step 2: Now there was an option for browsing a folder, you have to select an existing folder or create a new folder.

If you want to Display your Computer name into the taskbar, then paste the \%computername% into the selection.

Step 3: Click Ok Button. Done! And here is what the taskbar looks like with computer name embedded.

Awesome. Thank you, Please comment below, If you have any suggestions.


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