Have you ever tried enjoying a cracked version of PUBG Mobile? Then you had done one thing wrong. unlike other simple games, PUBG could be a client-server game. that means each and every action you created within the game is going to be updated on its server. If you’ve got installed a modified version or if you are doing some changes within the game code or if you utilize any tricks to bypass emulator detection, your account has a high chance to receive a ban. As per one in each of the reports by a Reddit user, a sum of 13 million PUBG Mobile accounts has been banned for violating various policies since 2017 June. If you violate any of Tencent policies, you may receive a notification as shown below.

The full message reads:

Please download the PUBG Mobile client app again from App Store or Google Play. You will not be able to log in and may be penalized if you use a cracked version. Unlocks on DATE. Customer service email: PUBGMOBILE_CS@tencentgames.com.


As so much as I will tell when asking around, this message only appears if the server thinks you’ve got a cracked client or are using something apart from Tencent gaming buddy. If you’ve got a special version or your copy is out of date, you get completely a special message that reads one thing like ‘This player and you’ve got different versions of the game.’

Please Download the PUBG Mobile Client

We don’t decide here at Technamyite however if you would like to get around the ‘Please download the PUBG mobile client again’ message you’ll either need to purchase the original game, take away any hacks you’re using or use the Tencent gaming buddy.

If you’re using another emulator and a cracked APK of PUBG then you would like to use the original. If you’re using hacks like wall hacks, aimbots or alternative annoyances, you’ll need to take away them, reinstall the original app and go from there.

The good news is that PUBG isn’t expensive and also the Tencent gaming buddy is free to use. The bad news is that your account could have been banned and all your progress to date has been lost. The PUBG app is really free however will contain in-app purchases thus in theory, you don’t have to be compelled to pay a dime to play the game. That never happens after all as there are lots of things to shop for and that we need all of them, however in theory the game is not P2W.

Tencent uses the banhammer very freely and has apparently banned upwards of 13 million accounts so far. Yours could or might not be one among them if you’re seeing the ‘Please download the PUBG mobile client again’ message. You won’t understand until you begin playing using the legit app or legit emulator.

Install the PUBG Mobile Client

You can get the genuine PUBG app from the Google Store or the App Store. you can download the Tencent gaming buddy from here.

Install the game on your phone or install Tencent gaming buddy onto your computer then install the game. Run an update of it simply just in case, log in and start playing. It’s an easy setup that reflects alternative games.

Incorrect Update Errors

If you’re using the genuine app or the genuine emulator and still see ‘Please download the PUBG mobile client again’ errors, one thing is wrong. the best way to handle it’s to try and do a full uninstall and reinstall of the app and check out again. based on your account won’t have been flagged. If you’re not this lucky, you’re starting again.

  • Perform a full uninstall of the PUBG app and/or Tencent gaming buddy from your phone or pc.
  • Select to wipe all information if prompted for a full reset. all of your progress is recorded server-side thus you won’t lose your characters.
  • Download a recent copy of the app and Tencent gaming buddy if you use it and install them.
  • Log into the new PUBG app and hope your account has not been banned.

A lot of the ban appears automated however there’s not enough information available to say whether or not you get a second chance or whether your account is banned the minute you try trying|you are attempting} to log in and unauthorized changes or versions are detected. unfortunately, this is one of that stuff you need to try and see what happens and by then it should be too late.

It may appear a harsh system however with a game as cutthroat as PUBG, any hacking at all can annoy the player base. the game is tough enough because it is while not having somebody headshot you from across the map or shoot you through a wall!

Have you seen the ‘Please download the PUBG mobile client again’ message while using legit copies of the game or emulator? know of the other reason why it appears? Tell us about it below if you do!


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