This guide will help you make the most of your Internet-based communications and activities anonymous. Before we begin, do not use your real name when creating an account, and do not say you do not sign in with any profile connected to your personal information if you try to stay anonymous online. (ie: twitter, Facebook, Google).We’ve left some clear facts here, but instead of browsing your identity a quick summary of the location can be hidden while downloading and transferring data.

Tip 1: Anonymous Web browsing

The best thing you can do to keep anonymous online is to hide your IP address. It’s an easy way to rediscover your online activity. If someone knows your IP address, the servers that hosted that address can easily determine the geographic location and how well you are located.In general, your IP There are three ways to hide the address and cover your area:

  • Use a virtual private network (VPN): For most purposes and purposes, a VPN forgets not only your IP address but also a proxy – sometimes better. They work differently, but they will achieve the same result. Basically, a VPN is a private network that uses public networks (usually the Internet) to connect remote sites or users together.If I have Digital Trends VPN, I think I am in New York when I look at my IP address.
  • Use TOR: Short for  The Onion Router, TOR is a network of virtual tunnels that help people and groups improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Using a torrent using hundreds of different proxies ranging from time to time is a browser. But there are more than a safe browser. We will not get the details here, but if you’re anonymous, you’ll need to check its site.
  • Use a proxy server: If you want to anonymize all of your online activities, the best way to do that is to get one. This is in compliance with a proxy server: It saves your server via another server, so it is not easy to track your IP address. There are hundreds of free proxies, and looking for a good finding is a subject. In most browsers, proxy server extensions may be activated at a click.

Tip 2: Anonymous file transfers and sharing

Getting the files from the Internet is easy, but the sender will have access to your IP address when you download the files. Under the Bit Torrent, your IP There are thousands of different colleagues who can see the address in a specific moment, ie one of the least unknown things you can do on the downloading web. However, if you do it correctly, keep your IP address and identity information hidden and shared.

  • If you download media directly or downloaded directly from a file hosting site like Mega, then your IP You can use a proxy or VPN to hide it.
  • If you use bit torrent to download, hide your identity with a proxy or VPN, instead of using the old services, we recommend BT Guard. At its center, the BT Garden is a difference similar to a VPN or proxy server and the difference is that the site is designed specifically for big bit torrent users. You do not have to worry about a DMCA violation notification – it saves them for you
  • If you can not share the file using Mozilla’s self-contained file sharing system known as the FireFox message, you can also avoid client infringement by giving client-side encryption, that is, even Mozilla is unable to read your files.

Tip 3: Anonymous Operating System

There are also some dedicated Linux distributions that meet security requirements of Linux when Linux is more secure when comparing Windows and Mac operating systems. These distributions provide additional security types using the TOR, Sandboxing and Firewall technologies and make sure that you complete your work both locally and privately.

Qubus OS: Also known as the safest operating system in the world, this is a security-oriented system that virtualization drives through Sen. Hypervisor. For those who do not know, they allow multiple Virtual Machines to be run on a hypervisor’s hardware. The hardware controllers are done by isolation by turning them into functional domains.Your digital life is distinguished from different levels of trust, for example, official domain, shopping domain, random domain etc. All of these domains work on different virtual machines. With this technology and exploitation is not allowed to attack the entire computer. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden agrees on Qubes os

Whonix: This private operating system contains two virtual machines. A VM is a “Tor Gateway” that runs on Debian, while another is “Workstation”. A user-hosted OS like Linux, Windows, Mac OS or Cubes OS. Whonix Network defeats the possibilities of using the Tor Open and the District Really Network. Linux for Security Requirements attempts to do away with the original IP address of users. Also, many pre-installed apps have been split into the vinyl. They will use a dedicated torch port for additional security.

Tails: The Debian based Linux distribution is one of the safest operating systems you can get. With the help of all web traffic redirects, Taille gets privacy through anonymity. Taille stores everything in RAM avoids the use of the hard disk, and if everything shuts down, it will all erase.

This tutorial covers too much, but not complete. If you have any good tips or tactics to keep anonymous online, we encourage you to share the opinions.


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