CCleaner is a program installed on all Windows user. Cleaning your PC is an important factor, no cost, spyware or other junk comes without.

Here are some strategies to make the software more useful.

Choose What CCleaner Removes

When you analyze and run a cleaning scan, selects some default types to remove the signal. But some of these are not regularly cleaned. For example, the browser cache can be built over time and can use plenty of space on systems with smaller hard drives. However, cache allows you to quickly access the sites you normally visit, so this is harmful at all times.

In the Cleaner tab, CCleaner lets you check a number of categories. Windows header contains entries for the edge, internet explorer, file explorer, and other system components such as log files. The application header lets you clear browser information, the various utilities that you have installed, such as Foxit Reader, Office, 7-Zip, and so on.

Browse at least of these items and uncheck everything you do not want to remove CCleaner. If you frequently navigate through the Recent Documents page in the File Explorer, the minuscular storage that you save protects is not effective.

Remove Startup and Context Menu Items

When you install software, it is often set to start at startup and adds an entry in your right-click menu.

CCleaner allows you to easily edit these lists. Open the Tools tab and select Startup option. Under Windows tab, there was a context menu items and scheduling tasks. Click on an entry that does not require you, and click on the disable button on the right side. If you do not want to, do not delete something.

To keep a copy to all of these lists, press Ctrl + A and select all items and click Save File tab. If you are not sure what entry is, click on that and open the folder to find the source.

If you are not sure which items to remove, check what you do not need at the beginning. Once you’ve removed the useless entries, you need to put your context menu by adding the best shortcuts.

Find Duplicate Files

Duplicate files are painful. If you’re editing a place they’ll be in trouble, just open the other and consider changes. To protect this, use the CCleaner’s tool to find additional copies and remove them.

Start> Tools> Start Duplicate Finder. You can specify criteria like limiting file norms, hidden and system files (this is a safe concept), just searching for some drives. By default, the application uses Debate Files, like the same file, file size, and modified date. You can also check the content box for more matches.

Once you click the search you will populate the table either. Be cautious about removing these files; Avoid turning down your own documents or videos, and avoid using DLLs or other data that the program utilized.

Wipe a Drive’s Free Space

Clicking on a file on Windows will disappear from your view. But after deleting that file you are still on your hard drive. Windows keeps the place where the data is stored for the new information so you can recover old files with the right software.

CCleaner provides a tool to safely clear data from your hard drive so that others can not access it. Visit Tools> Drive Wiper to access it. Uncheck and select only free space. A simple overwrite can often work, but you can overwrite advanced using three passes if desired. Select the drive you want to do this, click Clear. This may take some time, so your computer should not be used when it runs.

Distancing the free space does not affect the contents of your drive, but the previously deleted files are not blocked. If you want to delete a Driver completely, select the entire Drive next to Removal.

Analyze Your Disk Space

While CCleaner can make a good place for you to free, the bulk of storage on your computer will take over programs to install your files.

Check this in Tools> Disk Analyzer. Specify which files you like to analyze, and inspire analytics, and give a minute to process. You see what kind of files on your computer are taking and which are the largest of them. Select the folder containing the folder that you want to right-click and open.

Keep Important Cookies

Cookies are one of the cookies which can be removed by the CCleaner if you clear your browser information. You do not have a problem tracking cookies that go to the window, but if you remove the cookies for your email or cookie accounts, that means you should log them back in. Go to Options> Cookies CCleaner to fix this.

The left panel shows each cookie on your machine when the CCleaner listless cookies are listed. You can scroll through the list (possible) list and double-click on any website to add it to your Keep list.

CCleaner provides more functionality packs than you think. Some of its features are available in the $ 25 Pro version, just as it automatically clears itself on a schedule. Let’s get started using the full power today!

Power CCleaner users, we’d love to hear from you! What are your best burrows? Share with us with a comment!


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